Three Years Later

Well, it’s been three years since I ventured to opine on the state of politics, and what’s changed? Well, not to be paradoxical, but a lot and nothing.

After the Presidential election of 2016, the Republican Party holds the presidency. They held the Congress until this past Tuesday– now they just hold the Senate. The Democrats now hold the House again (but just barely). And the News Media is still serving in it’s role as a DNC SuperPac. Libertarians are making noise again as well.

So, not much has changed. But then, when you look closer, it seems that a lot has changed. The character of the Republican party is being reshaped by President Trump; some on the right say this is good, some say this is bad. The character of the Democrat Party is being reshaped by the newly empowered socialist wing (now known as progressives), and have elected more out-of-the-closet socialists in the House and the Senate. Liberal Democrats, in the mold of Alan Dershowitz, are now ‘in-the-closet’ so as not to upset their snowflake counterparts in the party, otherwise they will risk their wrath (much like Dershowitz).

The congressional infra-party squabbling is still happening, but with new vigor. We have new “wanna-be” presidential candidates– most notably Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker (D-NJ), and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), both of whom have shown that they have no shame when it comes to changing the what “Advise and Consent” means in their behavior as members of the Senate Judiciary committee. And we have the unmasking of “advocacy journalism‘ that has been permeating the “main stream media” for decades– thanks to Jim Acosta of CNN, who seems to not care if he makes himself the story in his combative and obviously nonobjective and left-wing advocate reporting.

And then, of course, Daily Talker.  Still a small personal outlet of political opining.

Author: The Editor

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