Deja Vu All Over Again? Recap Plus!

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Four More Years?! Recap Plus!

For the faithful few (or two?) followers of this website, I just wanted to let you know that the Daily Talker is still here.  Yes, we’ve had our discussions with some folks at Salem Web, but that fell through (mostly due to my lack of experience with working with people who were thinking about buying the domain– I guess they registered or purchased another Daily Something).  

And then, of course, the day job is always the priority.  My last couple of posts were very similar– long periods of inactivity and a recap. And it appears that my frequency for posting prior to these was about a year in between. Well, c’est la vie! Here we go again– another recap. But I’ll go one step further and recap the recap. We’ll just call it Recap Plus! Or perhaps, Recap+!

  • Picked up a 2nd job (part time, of course, and with my primary employers permission)
  • Experienced the death of my mother
  • Quit the 2nd job
  • President Obama’s 2nd term expired
  • Hillary Clinton was verbally indicted by FBI Director Comey,
  • Hillary Clinton was not charged with crimes by the FBI
  • Hillary Clinton did not get elected as President
  • Donald J Trump was elected as President
  • Laid off from my primary job (after 24 year!) (I did not take unemployment benefits)
  • Worked as an independent corporate trainer as a contractor 
  • Rehired by my former employer of 24 years within 10 months after being laidoff
  • Moved (about 20 miles)
  • Sold one car, donated another to charity
  • Bought two cars (used)
  • Journalism industry / Corporate Media went full bore “advocacy journalism”/ propagandist
  • The Department of Justice and the FBI became fully politicized as detailed in this White House letter to the U,S. House Intelligence Committee.
  • Donald J Trump ran for a 2nd Term
  • Joe “I’m in the Basement” Biden nominated by the DNC and ran for President
  • The “Me Too!” Party (a.k.a., The Libertarian Party) nominated someone for President
  • The social media platform Parler became the new Free Speech version of Twitter
  • COVID wreaked havoc on a global scale
  • The World Economic Forum attempted to implement their “Great Reset” initiative (and it’s ongoing)
  • Hunter Biden dropped his Macbook off at a repair store in Deleware
  • Big Tech went full-bore ideological
  • Big Tech and Corporate Media censor relevant news stories, such as the Hunter Biden Laptop
  • Joe “What Laptop” Biden became President (but may think Kamala Harris is, which can explain a few things)
  • Big Tech killed Parler 
  • and lots of other things…

All of that and more, and no posts since November 2018! Well, it must have been a Time Warp!

I can offer no promises regarding frequency of future posts, I can only try to restore the “Daily” in “Daily Talker”. We’ll see.

Peace out, y’all! 🙂

Author: The Editor

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