I watched most of the debate from CNBC, and –boy– the moderators for this debate make 2008’s Candy Crawly’s obviously biased and (later confessed) incorrect statements regarding Romney’s positions which caused people to turn from Romney to Obama (see my article regarding this incident).

There were a number of incidents calling out this obvious bias– I think Senator Ted Cruz made the most truthful and most articulate statement regarding this.  See the YouTube video here:


Duster, Broom, Mop, Bucket, Soap– Check! Revisiting Politics…

On October 14, 2015, in Politics, by David Spencer, Editor

As you may have noticed, it’s been *quite* a while since I last mused on the topics of politics.  After the election of arguably one of the worst president’s in our our nation’s history (or if you prefer, the most radically left-wing president’s in our nation’s history), I felt a need to take a step or two back from my political observations.  The cares of life– family, work, etc.– have been areas that I actively decided to place my attentions.

I may revisit politics, so this is a toe-tester for myself.  I realize that my blog is not big, and I don’t really care if it does get big or not, but that’s not why I write and muse.  It’s an outlet.  And it’s an outlet I think I will start using again.  I especially like the fact that we have some true Washington outsiders in on the right side of the aisle– Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump (in alphabetical order, not necessarily an order of preference). How I would love for one of these outsiders to come in and bust up the party in Washington– too long have they dined on our dime without regard to the burdens they have placed upon the governed.  Hopefully this election cycle will bring back sanity to American politics, and help us get back to the roots of individual responsibility rather than “what the government can do for you”.


Growing Veritable Racism? No, Wait! *VEGETABLE* Racism

On July 19, 2013, in Politics, Whimsical, by David Spencer, Editor

Wow… Talk about outlandish, can you believe the absolute inanity of some people? When will people start giving other people the benefit of the doubt, especially when the charge is so ugly and impactful? If it were me, I’d

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After Presidential Debate #2 we find ourselves again with a President parsing words that does the truth a grave disservice.  What’s even more atrocious is the fact the Presidential Debate Commission’s choice of Candy Crowley let her journalistic objectivity fail.

Although there are a number of issues with this event; first, this makes two debates in a row where the moderator failed

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