Here We Go Again…

With the upcoming presidential election and the way that it’s being covered by the news media, I am honestly aghast at where our country is heading in terms of it’s governing style.  Have we really increased our welfare rolls by so much in the past year?  And our national debt?  We’re over 16 trillion now– I thought we were at like 13 Trillion last year when I made my last entry (but I could be wrong– a lot off other things to keep track of).

I was really liking Herman Cain– but then the media torpedoes him (or should I say Clarence Thomas-ed him), and it successfully brought down his bid.  Though Romney isn’t my first choice, he certainly is better than what America’s feel-good vote from 2008 has given us.  And we still don’t know a lot about him other than he is an American citizen, and a disgruntled one at that who seems to prefer to blame others for every unpopular result his policies give us.  Have you heard these before?  “It’s Bush’s fault.”  “It’s the mess I inherited.”  “It’s Bush’s fault.” “If only I had more time.”  “It’s Bush’s fault.”

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“Mr. Prez!  Dude?!  What *have* you been doing the past three years?  Man-up and take some ownership!”  
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I’m sorry Mr. President, but you’ve had your shot, and it’s evident that you don’t have a clue as to what makes the world go around, especially in the world of work and economics.  The definition of redistribution is nothing more that shared misery.  We don’t need more government redistribution, we need less.  We, as Americans, need to go back to when we, as individuals, shared our resources with our fellow men in need.  This hold-over of President Johnson’s failed “War on Poverty” has been, and continues to be, an abject failure.  It has caused to major detriments to American society and the American psyche– it has created a dependency, almost victimhood mindset and an “I can’t do it alone” mentality that has never permeated Americans before.  The results are self-evident– more poverty.  Being someone that started out making only $8.36/hr, I know what it’s like to be poor and may no income taxes– not fun.  But I never took a dime from the government– when in need I relied on the traditional American resource– myself and my family.  Stop the redistribution!   Scale it back!  Stop taking more money of those that pay takes, and start taking less!  This will allow us to share our funds through the existing private charity organizations and through economic activity.  STOP THE MADNESS!  Now, with ObamaCare, my family, with me as the sole income earner in my household, are  just getting by.  Why with ObamaCare?  Because thanks in a big part to the additional health care benefit costs that my company now charges, my total disposible income has been reduced to near zero.

So, as Mr. Eastwood said several weeks ago– I think it’s time that we let The Man go, as it’s just not working out.


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