Golly Batman! We’ve been hacked!

Image of Batman and Robin from the 1968 film.

Below is a conversation that was overheard sometime before we were forced to revamp the site (as small as ‘we’ are– ‘we’ is actually a one person show being Editor, Contributor, Essayist, Support Technician– we are just one voice in the multitude making known our political opinion).

Robin:  Suffering Bat-lice Batman!  We’ve been hacked!

Batman:  No worries Robin.  It’s the result of our deeds, not the chronicling of them that is the important thing.

Robin:  But Batman!  If The Penguin, The Riddler, and The Joker have their way, the whole world is at stake!

Batman:  Yes Robin, that’s true.  But that’s why we’re out here.  Since we’ve been hacked, let’s purpose to go forward and document our deeds in a safer environment than Joomla.

Robin:  Was it really Joomla Batman?  I always thought that CMS rocked.

Batman:  Well, no Robin.  We, being the crime fighters that we are, just don’t have time to manage Joomla like it needs.  It’s an excellent CMS, but we need to move on.  Let’s use our new iMac and iWeb for the site.

Robin:  A Macintosh?  That sounds like a good idea Batman!  A Robin always loves to eat apples!  Ha ha ha ha!

Batman:  Ha ha, Robin!  That was extremely witty!  It’s good to see that the living  a dual life of Robin and Master Waynes trusted companion hasn’t negatively impacted your humor!


Robin:  Holy geewillikers Batman!  What was that?

Batman:  I don’t know Robin, but let’s get in the Batmobile and find out!  Don’t forget the shark repellent!

Author: The Editor

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