Back Room Deals and Weekend Votes… No more!!

Image of the Tammany tiger-- representative of the Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives.
Corruption in the House

So, the ‘progressives’ have completed one of their main goals– foisting a government run health care program upon the American people.  Why do I use the word ‘foist’?  Because a majority of Americans didn’t ask for or want this monstrosity and actively campaigned against it (54% against, 41% for, 4% unsure).  Now, even more want it repealed (55%).  This isn’t surprising given the fact that even the main ramrod for this legislation in the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco, CA), said that it had to be passed before people could find out what’s in it outside the ‘fog of controversy’.  Give me a break!  In fact, the leadership in the House passed the Senate version, unabridged, in the foggiest environment that they could possibly manufacture.  Although it wasn’t quite in the dead of night– no, wait– it was!  It was also on a Spring Break weekend, and on a Sunday!  So this is the Democrat’s version of ‘the most transparent Congress’ in history, eh?  Reminds me of a George Orwell novel.

How did this happen?  In my opinion, it’s because the United States has representatives that are slaves to their own political party and its (apparently) corrupt leaders rather than to the constituents that they are supposed to represent.  Case in point– Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) was supposed to be one of those ‘moderate’ democrats who favored a pro-life position.  He complained rather loudly earlier in the week that holding onto the principle of life was a ‘living hell’ for himself and his family.  This past Saturday, it appeared that he would stick to honor and his principles by voting for the beliefs that he and his constituents cared for (unborn life)– yet, the Speaker of the House had scheduled a rushed vote (72hrs, 48 of which were on a weekend) on a Sunday night for this horrific bill, and succeeded in either buying off Stupak or intimidating him until it became clear that he had no genuine honor and that his ‘pro-life’ stance was more of convenience rather than principle.  What did he justify his life-ending (of the unborn) action on?  He justified this by accepting a promise from the president to sign an executive order that would order the government not to spend money on abortions.  So, what force does an executive order have over that of the statutory law that Mr. Stupak voted for?  Zero.  Absolutely none, even by Mr. Stupak’s own admission just days before.  It must also be noted (and considered) that President Obama is the most pro-choice/pro-abortion President in our history; this fact should have been heavily weighed in Rep. Stupak’s consideration if he truly was a principled pro-life Democrat.  What changed between this statement/assessment by Mr. Stupak and vote on Sunday?  Nothing, other than a promise from a president, who is not particularly moved by Mr. Stupak’s position, to sign an executive order, which has zero impact on congressional legislation, directing the executive branch not to spend money on abortions.  A obvious political ploy that changed nothing in the bill.  Now the bill is a federal statute, and it holds precedence over any executive order in terms of where funding must be spent.

So, here we go again; back room deals and high-pressure weekend votes.  All this on a Spring Break weekend– another notch in the Democrat’s gun– they’ve killed transparency and responsiveness to constituents again.  Given the fact, according to CBS News’ opinion poll, that of those with an opinion, 57% oppose this bill, and 62% (including 41 out of every 100 Democrats) want this bill to be challenged going forward!  I think this clearly demonstrates that the only bi-partisanship that was on display, concerning this bill, was in its opposition.

What has happened to our country?  The vitriol that I hear isn’t coming from the conservative side of the political spectrum– certainly frustration and vows of revenge at the ballot box are– but the vitriol and ugly comments permeate the internet and ‘blog-o-sphere’ (even in a news industry that self-reports as 90%+ liberal and whose writings are obviously biased by those philisophical/political ideas) indict the democrats more.

The truly grass-roots Tea Party movement is on the rise, and, assuming that it keeps its momentum, come November, it will be the right thing to be the party of NO.  No more taxes, no more reckless spending, no more czars.  NO to the ‘O’ in November.

Author: The Editor

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